Main Settings Tab

OneClick Cart Emptier Main Settings tab

On admin dashboard, Chat to Order menu => Cart Emptier, you can access the Main Settings tab.

Here are the complete pointers on how to configure the settings:

  1. Enable Setting? => By ticking this checkbox, you will enable the main setting which is the Cart Emptier’s main functionality.
    Just tick the checkbox and hit the Save Changes button, then when customers click the WhatsApp button on Cart page, they will be redirected into the WhatsApp chat in new tab and the Cart page will be emptied in the initial tab.
  2. Enable Redirection? => If you tick this checkbox, the emptied Cart will be redirected into another page after a certain duration in milliseconds.
    The page itself will need to be chosen in the next option as well as the duration.
  3. Select Destination Page => Select which page the emptied Cart will be redirected into from the dropdown list. This is mandatory if you tick the Enable Redirection option above.
    Please note that as for the current version, you can only select the destination page from the list of published page. It will not work with custom URL.
  4. Delay Duration => This is the certain duration used as the delayed time before the emptied Cart page redirected into the selected destination page. By default, it is 2000ms or 2s. The time unit is milliseconds, and 1s is equivalent to 1000ms. Please enter only the numerical value without ms.

After everything set, don’t forget to click the Save Changes button.

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